Through onboff, the programs you able to provide have helped many hundreds of employees transitioning in and out of employment.

Easily accessible to each user via a unique Username and password there are over 60 Outplacement modules and 27 Onboarding videos.

The program content is highly relevant and adaptable to all ranges of employees from Graduate level to CEO.

About our founder

Before starting in the HR business around 30 years ago, Greg Weiss was employed by some large companies in marketing and business development. Never really feeling all that connected or supported by his employers to succeed in his job, Greg thought that the problem was with him, so he moved from job to job – more often than he would have liked – but he still experienced the same problems over and over again.

Years later, he realised that in all of these roles, he was given an extremely short and inadequate orientation or he was simply left to his own devices from day one. Greg wasn’t alone – he discovered that most companies do not offer any structured programs to support their employees in their first 90 days and their employees were suffering for it.

With that knowledge, he founded CareerSupport365 to provide structured onboarding and  outplacement programs so that employees everywhere are supported throughout every stage of their career lifecycle.