Onboff is a fully turnkey program of online structured onboarding and outplacement modules for those leaving– ready for you to deliver as soon as it goes live – that can be branded with your own company logo.We have proven its traction, engagement and success by many hundreds of people having gone through the programs over the course of several years.


How do I see a demo of the program for to my clients?

We are happy to show you how the program looks and feels.

Contact us via our help form to arrange a demo.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

The minimum period for committing is 12 months. Whether you pay monthly or yearly. If you cancel ahead of renewal, then you won’t be charged for the next year. If you do cancel, then all your clients will be turned off by their 6 month anniversary.

What happens if I my credit card fails if I am on a monthly plan?

We will notify you if this happens and give you 2 weeks leeway. But if the issue is not resolved, then all your users’ access will be turned off until resolved. Note; you are obligated to commit to a minimum or 12 months each renewal period.

Can I use my own domain name?

You can’t use your domain, but we will give you  a URL that looks like www.onboff.com/login/reemployed/ where re-employed is your brand name.

Do you charge a setup fee?
The enterprise packages do not have a set up fee. We charge an initial payment of $450 + GST for flexible package.
How do user fees work?
Every time a user is allocated a course, course bundle, or subscription, we note the number of users, according to your pricing plan.
What about updates to the course material?
Every time we update the courses, they will be uploaded free of charge to your own onboff related site. We will let you know when this happens so you can let your users know.

This includes videos, PDFs etc.
How many users per account?
Each user has their own unique access and is set up by the  Super Admin.
What about terms of use?
You will be required to acknowledge the terms of use.

Primary terms cover a. single use per unique access; b. that the IP is owned by us; c. that you commit to a minimum of 12 months period, paid annually or monthly.

Please make sure you read them. They are what you would expect to put in them, if you invested in creating a fully integrated program of content and web design.

Each user will acknowledge that they will only use their access for their own use.
Can I see the progress of my users?
Yes, you can find out progress of your uses.
Can users view their program on mobile devices?
Yes. The onboff back-end is mobile and device responsive.
Are there any hidden fees?
Who can I contact with additional questions?
You are always welcome to contact us through our help form.
What prices should I be charging our clients?
The price offering is up to you. You’re the only one who can determine the price.
Contact us for some guidelines via our help form. We are happy to guide you here.
What happens when I use up my users allocation for the year?
The Enterprise plan comes with 20 users per annum. With both the Enterprise and Flexible plans, you can top up your plan with additional users through our client area.